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Welcome to my seller documents page, your go-to resource for crucial information tailored for home sellers in Washington. Stay updated on the latest Washington law changes for 2024, understand the benefits of home warranties, and stay vigilant against wire fraud and other risks. Whether you're new to selling or an experienced investor, knowledge is essential for making confident decisions in real estate. Explore my resources and empower yourself with the insights you need for a successful selling journey.

Key Buyer Forms and Documents


Before finalizing your home purchase, educate yourself on the risks of lead-based paint in homes built before 1978. Read our guide to protect your family's health and make informed decisions.

Washington Real Estate Brokerage

This pamphlet summarizes the law related to real estate brokerage relationships and describes a real estate broker's duties to the seller/landlord and buyer/tenant. 

Home Warranty Brochure

Whether buying or selling, a home warranty from Fidelity National Warranty shields major systems and appliances, safeguarding your investment and providing peace of mind.

Disclosure Rights & Obligations

This form is crucial for buyers, offering vital property details, known defects, and clarifying rights for inspections and disclosures, empowering informed decisions and safeguarding interests during the buying process.

Wire-Fraud Alert

Stay vigilant against wire fraud risks. Review our fraud alert form for details on how you can protect your real estate transaction with two simple steps. 

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I'm here for you throughout your home selling journey, ensuring every detail is handled with dedication ensuring the best possible outcome. View my seller's guide for more insights on how I can assist you.

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